October 2, 2011

Random Ish

Just saw a photo of M on Facebook.

It brought a tear to my eye...emphasis on the word "tear" and not "tears".

I miss that man die. I have to let go of my pride and say hello to him one of these days. Stubborn donkey that he is, he was my friend once. A reminder of all the things i am not brave enough to be...sigh...

It is getting colder everyday out here. I miss Lagos and the sun that pierces through your every pore and warms the coldest recesses of your heart. I miss the beaches. Let's close the curtain of charity on all that i miss. I have exams tomorrow. I cannot afford to go to bed crying. Deep breath....

I am falling in love with my new friends. The way their faces light up when i hug them. The way they are beginning to see through me and my Facades... The way they accept me and my Nigerianness. 

It has taken a while but slowly, surely, their stories are becoming my story. I think i might be able to tell it soon. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Where is everyone??? SNOhJRethotsBeautiful ???

Happy belated birthday Nigeria! We are on the side of angels. Shine, baby, shine...

Song of day: John Mayer - Who says


  1. My favourite Chris Abani quote from the last six months:
    It will always be difficult, but if you cry every time you will die of heart break. Just know that it is enough sometimes to know that it is difficult.

    You never know if M is looking at your Facebook page asking the what-ifs and exploring the maybe's too..........

    Good to see you're settling in quite nicely by the sound of thins.. And
    Good luck/ Godspeed with the exam........

  2. @Ohj...you made me cry...sigh...how so very right he is though..

    @Rethots and Ohj, errr when are you both gonna post something on your blog?

  3. New, environment, new people, new world, same old feelings. If we could escape from the feelings we have and struggle to hide, my nick name would be Usain Bolt.
    My dearest I should call you soon. Can I have your number?

  4. @SN....awwww..i will inbox you...how is my country treating u?