November 11, 2011


Memory cheats.

In this game called life, memory knows it has the upper hand. And so it waits till a couple of months later; when you think you are healing nicely and the dull ache where your heart used to be is gone. 
Memory bides its time till laughter is your friend again and your happy days are no more few and far between.
Memory waits like a thief lurking in the shadows; waiting for the perfect moment to strike and steal what you thought was here to stay.

It is a beautiful day. You drive and sing along to the radio. You marvel at the leaves turning red, gold and all the colours of a new season. You step out of your car and continue to whistle the tune stuck in your head. The sun is shining and there is a rainbow in your heart. You walk with a  jaunt in your steps and smile at the litle girl skipping her way to school. You take a few more steps and that's when memory plays its trump card. It reminds you of hours spent on the beach, holding her in your arms and dreaming up little girls with her smile and your eyes. 

You stop walking and turn to watch the little girl go. The dull ache in your heart has returned. The clouds have caught up with your rainbow. While your memory was at it, it stole the tune you had in your head as well.
You watch her skip away from you and wonder what more you could have said, done, to make her stay.

Memory cheats. In this already unfair game of life. It waits till you think you have a winning hand. And that is when it reveals all its aces. Today it was the little girl. Tomorrow it will be the old man that sweeps your building. He will be singing her song. Next month it will be the smell of new rain that washes Lagos away and leaves behind a city beautiful and unparelled in its resolve. It will remind you of how much she loved her city.

There is plenty you can run away from in this race called life. There is one that will always match you pace for pace. Memory...

Song of the day: (this one is for you Ohj) The Script- For the first time


  1. What you can't leave behind, what incessantly haunts you... The damn memories.
    They fade leaving scars, some ugly, some deep only for them to reoccur when you least expect.

  2. I suspect that Memory deals an imperfect hand - a version of reality that is often very different from what actually happened..

    But when its all said and done, I reckon that the memories - scars and all - remain and recur until they are superceeded by something stronger..

    The Script... Sigh...

  3. Wow... very nice. Perhaps memory will not always cheat, but will one day fade and with it will go the hurts, scars and all...
    Glad I visited. Thanks for coming by mine... :)

  4. will be fine...keep ur head up hun.

    @Ohj...sigh back at you...can't wait for my memories to be superseded by something greater...

    @chinnyugoji...thank you...please come back again!!!

  5. Memory.. true.. visits at the oddest moments. I'd rather forget, but seems memory won't let me be.

  6. Memories once experienced becomes part of who we are. Some are stronger than others. Some lay in wait to be jarred to life again. I love this post.

  7. "Memory cheats." True, however, by so doing they keep us in constant check not to lose focus of our 'goal'.