June 5, 2012

153 faces of hope

Everywhere I turn
Their faces haunt me
The babies that didn't get a chance to have a first day at school
The father who never got to teach his son how to be a man
The mother who will never roll her eyes again at her child's tantrums

The bride whose wedding dress hangs forgotten in a closet
The corper who will not get the chance to pass out
The child who will never ride the bike gathering dust in Connecticut again
The student who will not graduate
The business man who will never close another deal
The pilot who will never steer people home again

Sorrow has a face
As does hope
153 faces of hope

We will not forget

'God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.'
Abba, we thank You. We bless your name because You alone are God. You alone has the earth, the heavens and the skies in Your hand. You are beyond all the words we can say, all the imaginations we can come up. We thank you for the 153. We know that even in this pain, You are God and you are perfect. We thank You, Abba for the gift of their lives. we thank You for sending them into the world in the first place. We thank You because they will not die in vain. we thank You for the healing that has already begun in the hearts of their loved ones. We ask that You be glorified. When our hearts fail and we ask why, forgive us. Know that it isn't because we doubt You or because we are angry but because we feel so lost. Help us find You easily and quickly in times like this. Draw us closer to You. Most of all, let Your name be glorified. Again, thank You Abba.
Oh and by the way, I still want those twins we talk about every other day. Please give them my eyes...without the short-sightedness of course. I love You, Abba. :) 

Song of the day : William McDowell - I Give Myself Away

1 comment:

  1. On this day, my heart bled.
    For lives cut short and more for those left behind.
    Wish i knew then what i know now,
    knowledge from hands that type words of wisdom.
    Grateful nevertheless.... for words that soothe the pain memories bring....
    and words i'll foreva remember if tragedy dares to strike again.
    Thank you Lord of me,
    Thank you.