June 15, 2012

There are times when i still want you...

There are times when i still want you.

When the rest of the world has gone to sleep
And I stay up watching teary movies so i can follow suit.
When a stranger walks past me at the mall wearing your perfume 
When life's sometimes ugly scent hits me full in the face
and it is all I can do not to keel over

In my weakness
In my boredom
In my pain
In my shame
These are the times that i still want you

These are the times that are getting fewer and farther between

Song of the day: Bon Jovi: Living on a Prayer


  1. That funny moment when you hate how much you miss someone.
    I hate this poem sooo much, cos it reminds me of myself right now.
    *walks off in a huff*

    1. As in......I am in this moment right now and it sucks ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡)

    2. una do oh! lol...

      but this was meant to be a hopeful something oh...it will get better you guys, i promise.