September 2, 2012

Trying too hard

I am intense. 

I know this.

Therefore I should know better.

But do I? Sadly not. 

This is my reality check. 

My wake up call

There are some stories I will never be able to write

Some lives i will never be able to live.

Some 'losses' i will never be able to find.

I need to stop trying.

Happy September people....too many people close to my heart were born this month. So it is my next favorite  month after August. It is only fitting that it follows August on the calendar.

Song of the day:  Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals Steal my Kisses


  1. The world needs intense people to balance out the laid back, barely straining folk like the rest of us.. :) I see you have been partying too intensely of late though.. hmmmm...

    1. me? partying? not! lol...

      i refuse to balance the laid back folk oh. i want to be laid back too! :)

  2. I happen to admire your intensity. It's nice to have a balance between intensity and being laid back. Happy September.