February 26, 2013

Many Ways to Love You

Poetry isn't my strong suit. Even though I am in love with a poet and love his poetry and that of so many others. 

This is me trying to be amazing like the man in my life. If I have failed, I am glad that there are so many other ways to love him...

There are so many ways to love you.

By kissing your eyelids while you snore softly
By holding your hand when your world's turned upside down
By tracing the stubbornness that lines your jaw 
By cooking meals that you never eat and end up in the trash
By listening to the beat of your heart when you have forgotten the words to our love song
By saying goodbye even though my heart is breaking and it is the last thing I want to do 
By knowing that it is what you need, right now, more than you need me

There are so many ways to love you
It turns out that the best way is the hardest.

Song of the day: The Script- Six Degrees of Separation

1 comment:

  1. strikes a chord...
    moreso cos this day marks my birth *sighs*
    Dear Lord!